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Ford EV Program


Ford is breaking barriers with its EV program for workers and drivers alike. Byers Ford serves as an integral part in guiding Delaware, Marion, and Sunbury, Ohio, electric vehicle (EV) owners through each stage of car buying and ownership.

Right on this page, you’ll find valuable information about how to buy an E-Transit or another Ford EV. You’ll learn how to order your vehicle, how to schedule a test drive, and even how to purchase an EV from home. Plus, we’ll talk about how you can charge your car from your home and keep up with software updates.

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Ford Pass

Home Charging Options

Even though charging stations continue to sprout up around the country, it’s incredibly convenient to invest in home charging options. You can use the Ford mobile charger that can charge your car overnight through a standard home or garage 120V or a 240V wall outlet.

If you want a faster charge and even more convenience, it may be best to install a Ford Connected Charge Station right in your very own home. This enables you to charge your car and keep it charged any time you’re not using your EV.

A trained and licensed electrician can skillfully install a charging station that benefits your lifestyle. We can even help you find the right professional through Qmerit.

Ford Pass

Software Updates

After you’ve bought your electric vehicle, you’ll want to upload the FordPass™ App. This makes it possible to keep up with your EV’s needs, including service visits, where to find charging stations, fuel/charge levels, and trip navigation.

Over-the-Air updates can help you stay current on any updates to the FordPass™ App, especially if new charging stations appear on your usual route.

Test Drives and Custom Orders

Ford EVs

A Ford EV may feel like a mystery to you, so why not get familiar with one before you buy it?

Schedule a test drive at our dealership. You’ll get a feel for the wheels and see which one suits you best. While you’re here, a knowledgeable sales specialist can discuss all the merits of an electric vehicle and how best to take care of one.

If you’re sold on an EV, place a custom order with us for yours. We provide a page dedicated to this purpose that explains the entire process. Talk to a sales specialist during your test drive or handpick the features, styles, and capabilities you want your Ford EV to have.

Purchase From Home

Ford EVs

You could always stay cozy on your own couch instead of stopping by our store when you buy your Ford EV.

Use the Byers Express Digital Retailing tool. It’s the revolutionary way to buy a car without leaving your home. In fact, you can use this tool wherever you order the car that you can’t wait to drive.

Do you want to trade in or sell your older model? Take advantage of the quick and seamless Kelley Blue Book® Instant Cash Offer. Enter your car’s vital statistics and then receive its estimated market value. Within seven days, you can redeem your compensation or put it toward the purchase of your next automobile.

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Ready to get started on the path to Ford EV ownership? Let Byers Ford walk you through all the steps it takes to get an EV to your Delaware, Marion, or Sunbury, OH, home.

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