Up to $7,500 potential federal tax credit on certain F-150 Lightning models, and up to $3,750 potential federal tax credit on Escape PHEV.Eligibility Details

BlueOval™ Charge Network

North America’s Largest Group of Electric Vehicle Chargers

Before you embark on any trips outside of Delaware, Marion, and Sunbury, Ohio, in your Ford electric vehicle (EV), check this off your to-do list. Register for the BlueOval™ Charger Network, North America’s largest group of EV charging stations in the country. Byers Ford can guide you through the process and answer any questions along the way.

BlueOval™ Charger Network

What is the BlueOval™ Charger Network?

The BlueOval™ Charger Network features more than 84,000 charging stations across North America. It puts you in touch with them and enables you to charge your Ford EV in a seamless and carefree way. It includes partnerships with Electrify America®, Shell Recharge Solutions™, ChargePoint®, EVgo, EV Connect™, SemaConnect™, FLO®, and Electric Circuit.

What Benefits Does it Offer?

After registering for this network, you’ll reap the benefits that contribute to the ease and efficiency of owning and driving an EV. You automatically gain access to 150kW DC fast chargers. This means that you’ll be able to add 54 miles more of range in just 10 minutes, which specifically refers to the Ford F-150 Lightning and its extended-range battery.

Since you’re registered with the BlueOval™ network, you’re connected to the Plug & Charge technology. This recognizes your truck or other EV and can start charging right away. Every session will be charged to the credit card that’s on file with your account. This makes stopping for a charge a streamlined process when you’re on the go.

Using the FordPass™ App with BlueOval™

With your FordPass™ app downloaded onto your phone, it can connect with BlueOval™ and offer more to EV drivers. Through your earned FordPass™ Rewards, you receive a complimentary first 100 miles of range or 250kWh. Electrify America® charging stations will honor this valuable amount of mileage.

Also, FordPass™ provides you with perks that work through BlueOval™. It can help you locate charging stations, activate charging for your EV, and keep track of your mileage and usage. While you’re performing these tasks, you’ll be earning rewards, too.

Be sure to use the Power My Trip within the FordPass™ app. It can plan directions and an itinerary according to the charge your battery currently has. In fact, you’ll be offered real-time assistance in locating charging stations in the vicinity wherever you happen to be. You won’t need any special swipe cards or phone apps. Instead, you're provided with pay-as-you-go access for your convenience.

BlueOval™ Charger Network

How to Get Your Car Registered?

If the BlueOval™ Charge Network sounds like a go to you, get your EV registered. Imagine how easy and productive your trips will be with this VIP connection. To get your EV registered, use your vehicle identification number (VIN) to receive instructions about how to register your car and start using the benefits now.

Shop for a Ford EV at Byers Ford

Driving a Ford EV from Byers Ford can reap unexpected benefits when you register your EV with the BlueOval™ Charge Network. See how far you can go outside of Delaware, Marion, and Sunbury, OH, when you participate in this program. To learn more or to schedule a test drive of an EV, contact us online.

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