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Ford Edge vs. Hyundai Santa Fe
Ford Edge
Hyundai Santa Fe
At a Glance: Edge vs. Santa Fe
Ford Edge

Dynamic performance. Unique style. Technologically advanced. When you use those three phrases consecutively, you know the Ford Edge or the Hyundai Santa Fe is the topic of the discussion. While similar, there are key differences that can make one better for your Delaware, Marion, and Sunbury, OH travels.

To help you decide, we at Byers Ford have created this Edge vs. Santa Fe comparison.



335 HP | 277 HP
Edge vs. Santa Fe


42.6 in. | 41.4 in.
Edge vs. Santa Fe


Standard | Optional
Edge vs. Santa Fe
See the Difference for Yourself
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Ford Edge

If you want to hear your vehicle’s engine roar as you hit the streets, you’re going to love what the Ford Edge and the Hyundai Santa Fe have in store.

Power Ahead of the Competition

Under the hood of the Santa Fe is a 2.5L turbocharged engine that’s capable of delivering up to 277 horsepower and 311 lb-ft of torque. While seemingly impressive, it’s quite lackluster in comparison to the Ford Edge.

This SUV comes standard with a 2.0L EcoBoost® engine that delivers a hair-raising surge of 250 horsepower and 280 lb-ft of torque on demand.

Drivers who crave even more power should consider the optional configurations for both models:

  • 1.6L turbo hybrid of the Santa Fe: 232 horsepower and 271 lb-ft of torque
  • 2.7L EcoBoost® V6 engine of the Edge: 335 horsepower and 380 lb-ft of torque

No matter which configuration is more your style, the Edge outperforms the Santa Fe every time.

Stopping on a Dime

While it’s important to choose an SUV that packs a punch, it’s equally important to pick a model that excels in its braking ability. Luckily, the Ford Edge comes equipped with an available ST Performance Brake Package, which includes features like:

  • 21-inch gloss black wheels
  • Front and rear vented disc brakes
  • Red calipers
  • Radiator cooling fan
  • Vented brake shields

All these features work simultaneously on the Ford Edge to provide precision braking. No similar performance braking system is found on the Hyundai Santa Fe.

Ford Edge

You’re a person with great taste, which is evident because you’re choosing between the Edge and the Santa Fe for your next ride.

Dazzle Onlookers

LED headlights act as your personal spotlight wherever you go, alerting others to your impending arrival. Once you’ve appeared, you’ll chuckle to yourself when you see the pure awe on the faces of passersby. Then again, you can’t blame them for staring. The chiseled profile and sleek curves of your vehicle is to blame.

Drivers looking to make a big statement will find that’s possible with the Ford Edge since this SUV comes with nearly a dozen different exterior colors, half of which are vibrant hues designed to help you stand out in the crowd.

While the Santa Fe offers a few bold hues, its Ultimate Red and Rockwood Green options lack compared to the handful of options with the Edge.

Room to Grow

The Ford Edge is designed for comfort. It features seating for five riders, providing ample wiggle room for all to stretch their legs. It also provides plenty of cargo space for weekend getaways and shopping sprees alike. While the Santa Fe offers comparable dimensions in some areas, there are a few key differences that make the Edge a better pick when it comes to space.

Ford Edge
Hyundai Santa Fe
Front Legroom 42.6 inches 41.4 inches
Front Shoulder Room 60.3 inches 59.5 inches
Second-Row Shoulder Room 60.5 inches 58.1 inches

If you choose the Santa Fe, you may find it to be a bit of a tight squeeze for passengers, especially those seated in the rear row.

Ford Edge

In today’s modern world, it’s important to stay connected. Thanks to innovative tech and safety features with both SUVs, you’ll find this is easy.

Always Entertained

Both Hyundai and Ford have their own infotainment hubs that make it easy to bring your favorite digital features along for the ride thanks to features like:

  • Touchscreens of at least 12 inches
  • Wireless Apple CarPlay®/Android Auto™
  • Available wireless charging pad

Another feature found on both SUVs is the built-in Wi-Fi Hotspot capabilities. With this feature, you can stream songs, podcasts, and more without using your phone’s data. While this feature is found with both models, only Ford Edge drivers will receive this as a standard feature. Drivers of the Santa Fe will have to upgrade to get it.

Meet Your New Favorite Artists

What do you do when you’re tired of all your usual songs? Turn to SiriusXM® with 360L, of course! This satellite radio can introduce you to your new favorite songs and artists since you’ll gain access to more than 300 channels of music, talk, sports, and more. This gives you the variety you need to find your new music obsession.

SiriusXM® with 360L is an optional feature with the Ford Edge. There’s no mention of this feature with the Hyundai Santa Fe.

Which SUV Is Right for You?
Ford Edge

Our team at Byers Ford believes the Ford Edge is the perfect fit for your Delaware, Marion, and Sunbury, OH trips.

After reading our comparison, do you agree? If so, then it’s time to contact us and schedule a Ford Edge test drive today!

All of the tools you need to move forward with experiencing a new Ford Edge for yourself are conveniently available right here online.

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