Drivers near Delaware, Marion, and Sunbury know that there are plenty of services that their vehicle needs regularly. Out of all those services, one of the most common and important is the oil change. Regular oil changes are a great way to ensure that your vehicle stays in great shape and performs at its best.

If you're looking for an oil change near me, simply look to us at Byers Ford!

What Oil Does for Your Vehicle

Oil is a crucial component to your vehicle's health and performance. It helps your engine in a variety of ways, but its main purpose is to keep the moving metal parts lubricated to reduce the friction that they generate when rubbing together.

It also keeps these parts cool to keep your engine from overheating. Oil also helps keep the metal parts clean. While moving through the engine parts, oil will absorb some of the grease and debris so the parts can remain free of dirt.

Why Does Your Oil Need to Be Changed?

While oil performs numerous important functions, it isn't impervious to wear and degradation. Over time, in addition to picking up enough grease and debris, it will begin to break down due to the constant exposure to heat. Oil will turn into a black and gritty substance, very different from its original honey/golden brown appearance.

When oil is in this state, it's less effective at performing its functions. Your engine will become less efficient, and it will even be louder when performing. During this time, you'll want to seek out an oil change near me.

Scheduling Your Oil Change at Byers Ford

When you notice your oil change or check engine light on, it means that it's time to have your old oil swapped out for some new oil. Our expert technicians are well-versed with oil changes because they perform them on a daily basis, so your vehicle is in great hands while it's in our service bays. Once your oil is changed, your vehicle will be ready to head out on the road and perform at its best.

At Byers Ford, we're happy to provide oil change services to drivers all throughout the Delaware, Marion, and Sunbury area as well as the towns and cities beyond. If you're seeking out an oil change near you, schedule your appointment with us at Byers Ford!

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