Protect yourself from winter by having kitty litter, salt, or sand on hand

We here at Byers Ford know that you care about your vehicle and your loved one's safety. We also know that winters in Delaware can be extremely difficult to drive in. Even vehicles that have the best of snow tires can find themselves stranded due to slipping on ice or hard packed snow. Most people think that their only solution is to call a tow truck. If you thought ahead and put salt, sand or kitty litter in your vehicle, then you can use that to help you. Kitty litter and sand can be used to create a surface that your vehicle's tires can grab on to and drive through the slick area. Salt can be used to melt the hard-packed snow or the slick ice so that you can drive away. This can save you towing expenses and give your family peace of mind this upcoming harsh winter season.
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