Are You Having Problems Moving In Or Out of 4WD?

AWD and 4WD vehicles give you added advantages in road conditions where you need extra traction. To ensure that these aspects of your vehicle are functioning properly when you need them to, getting your car or truck serviced at the first sign of trouble is advisable.

If you've noticed that your vehicle is having problems slipping in and out of 4WD mode, then you may want to have your transfer case checked. The transfer case is a gearbox that shares power between the front and rear axle in 4WD cars and moves power from one axle to the other in AWD cars. Dust, dirt, and contaminants can reduce how well your transfer case is functioning.

Come give us a visit at Byers Ford if you notice any irregularities in how your vehicle moves in or out of 4WD/AWD. We are located in Delaware, OH and can get you fixed up and on your way.
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