Why I love SUVs and you should too

SUVs often times get an undeserved bad rap. Once someone actually tries one, however, they tend to quickly change their mind. Here's why I love my SUV and you should get one too.
1) They can handle your whole posse. There is nothing worse than having to take multiple cars when traveling with your friends. If you have an SUV you won't have to cram everyone in or split up the band; it can take everything you've got and more.
2) They are strong like bull. Have you ever seen one of those "smart" cars get into a wreck? Afterwards, there isn't much of a car left. Not to mention the most important factor, the safety of your aforementioned posse.
3) Your furry friend can come too. We all love our furry friends, but if you are driving your little compact car, Fido might not be able to come along. This is not the case when you are driving your SUV.

These are just a few of the many reasons I love my SUV. If these reasons sounded good to you, then head down to your local dealership and join the club.
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